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At Mahzan Sulaiman, we are committed to a rigorous recruitment  process  to  ensure  that  our  team  is  made  up

of highly driven and competent professionals to meet demanding and challenging client deliverables.

The  Firm  is  committed  to  continuously  invest  in  the 

development of our talent pool and to mould our people to be highly disciplined and technically competent professionals.

Authorised Training Employer with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales
Authorised Training Employer with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants



"The seniors were all so patient when they were explaining something and they never failed to answer our questions.  We felt like the bosses were constantly trying to improve us,  not just technically but in all aspects, like time management and so many other things. We also had various training sessions on topics such as taxation and corporate finance, which was a very new exposure for us. And most importantly, I always had the feeling that this was not just a working place but it felt almost like home. At first,  it was very hard for me to wake up and go to work, but when we started working on real stuff, I was really motivated to go for work. I didn't feel tired working and enjoyed doing my work. In conclusion, Mahzan Sulaiman is one of the best choice I have made in my life."  - Lachu -

"The experience I been here for three months is actually very good. More than what I expected to learn here in three months. I expected just one or two thinks like basic accounting but I ended with more than that.  I learned about corporate secretarial, accounting and corporate finance, which extended my knowledge in the various fields and interest.  During the internship, I also had the chance to improve on my communication and soft skills, and also my presentation skills where we had to do a presentation on the topic of merger and acquisitions. I really appreciate to have given the chance to work here." - Shu Wen -

"I have gained valuable insight into the accounting industry during my 3 month internship. All the seniors were extremely welcoming and helpful, I will forever be grateful to them. Throughout this internship, I have learned to use different accounting software which I believe is going to be a huge advantage when I start working later in life. Also, now I have learned how to apply the accounting knowledge I have gained in university in a real-life work setting.  Moreover, I have learned a lot from watching my seniors handling different difficult situations and how they respond to the request of clients. In addition to this, I learned the importance of time management and how important it is to prioritise your tasks. Apart from that, this internship has also made me realise my weaknesses. I am grateful to have gotten an opportunity to and given a chance to improve before I start my corporate job." - Aminath Hamra -

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