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We can help you incorporate a new company in a quick and efficient manner. Simply complete the Company Incorporation Form below and click SUBMIT.

For companies with more than 2 directors and/or shareholders, or with corporate shareholder(s), please contact us and we will email to you a manual form to submit.

Company Incorporation Form

Details of Main Contact Person

Proposed Names

*If the proposed name is not in Bahasa Malaysia or English, please provide the meaning.

Particulars of Company

Particulars of Directors & Shareholders

Individual Director and/or Shareholder 1

Please select where applicable

Individual Director and/or Shareholder 2

Please select where applicable

I/WE certify that all information provided is accurate, whole and complete. I/We hereby undertake to furnish Mahzan Sulaiman PLT with any updated information when it becomes available in a timely manner and relinquish any form of penalty or liability on Mahzan Sulaiman PLT.

I/We hereby authorise Mahzan Sulaiman PLT to make the relevant filing to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) on behalf of the Company for registration of the Company (Sdn Bhd). The Company and the Company's Shareholders & Directors also hereby fully indemnifies Mahzan Sulaiman PLT from any loss, cost or damages in respect of inaccuracy or incomplete information filed through the service howsoever arising and from and against all claims or liabilities from any party concerned.

I/We, the Promoter(s) / Director(s) / Shareholder(s) declare that:

Thank you. We will be in touch with you soon.

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