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We invite you to our

#businessunleashed series

Breakthrough Strategies for Malaysian SMEs to Thrive in a Competitive World

Date:     Wednesday, 31st October 2018

Time:     9am (registration starts at 8.30am)

Venue:   Common Ground @ Citta Mall, Ara Damansara


Event Program

8.30am          Registration

9.00am          Survival of SMEs in the Information Age

9.45am          Why over 95% of SMEs never reach their potential, and what to do about it

10.45am        Tea / coffee break & networking

11.00am        What is a Virtual CFO and why does it benefit SMEs

11.45am        Xero and benefits of real-time accounting

12.45pm        Closing remarks

1.00pm          End

Our Speakers

Mahathir 3 copy.png

Mahathir Mahzan

Founding & Managing Partner - Mahzan Sulaiman

Feizal 2.png

Feizal Sulaiman

Founding Partner - Mahzan Sulaiman


Marc R. Bruce

Director of Strategic Planning - Mahzan Sulaiman


Kevin Lam


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