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Annual Return

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1. Prepare the following documents to submit for Directors Signature:

  • DCR for lodgement and submission of Annual Return

  • Questionnaire

  • Section 68 (Directors Confirmation)


2. Sent for review. Once reviewed, sent DCR, Questionnaire and Section 68 for director signature.

3. MBRS Preparation Tools  

  • Select type of submission   

  • Select ‘Annual Return’ then select ‘Create Filing’ 

  • Key in all the mandatory ‘Filing Information’ required 

  • Then select ‘Pre-populate’ data, key in the Company Secretary’s email address ( and password)

  • Excel form of the Annual Return will be auto generated based on the information extracted from SSM’s database   

  • Key in all the required information  

  • Once completed, select ‘Toolbox’ and select ‘Generate XBRL’. A zip file will be generated if all the required information has been keyed in correctly. Proceed to save the zipped file 

4. Upload to MBRS website

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