Got a Business Idea?

You may have a killer startup idea, but do you know WHY you’re going into business? We’ll work with you to define your vision and get your business idea off the ground. A great idea is the starting point for any business – and these ‘lightbulb moments’ drive the ambition and entrepreneurial spirit of the start-up community. But before you bring your idea to market, you need to know WHY you’re in business – and be confident that there’s a robust and workable business model behind you. Turning your idea into a workable business To turn your business idea from something scribbled on a napkin into a fully realised business takes plenty of hard work – and that whole process becomes more fruitful

What does an accountant do?

Not sure what an accountant can do for your business? Well, the right accountant will do a lot more than just help with your tax returns! Your accountant should be a trusted business advisor, helping you lead with more confidence. 14 things you didn’t know an accountant could do Accountants do more than you think. They can give you strategic advice and come up with clever ways to save money or boost revenue. They’ll also remove or automate administrative tasks that distract you from your core business. Get an accountant and you’ll run your business with more clarity and confidence. So what does an accountant do? The question is what don’t they do. 1. Launch a startup Starting a new business

Setting the right growth goals for your business

If you’re going to grow your company in the right way, pinning down your goals and having a clear vision for the business from the outset is vital. You may want to increase profits and create an income that supports your lifestyle, or you are looking to increase market share and aim for hypergrowth. You may even be aiming to increase the overall value of the company to get the best return when exiting the business. So, how do you define the goal that’s right for you? Driving your performance over time Your financial model will drive the way you generate value, so it’s important to make your business strategy fit the goals and type of growth you want to attain. To set your finances up in the

Cost management and cutting your expenses

Operational costs will be one of the biggest areas of expenditure in your business. And the more it costs you to produce your products and/or services, the smaller your end profit will be. So, if you’re going to promote positive cash flow and drive the best possible profit margins, you need to get serious about cost management and bringing down those operational expenses – And doing it in a systematic and methodical way. A clear focus on cutting costs With careful management of your operational costs, and the tactical use of accounting cost codes, you can work to clearly defined budgets and quickly improve your financial efficiency. By focusing on cost reduction, you will: Reduce your overal

Keep a proactive credit control

Having a large amount of debt in your business is bad for cashflow, weakens your overall financial health and brings down your credit score as a business. So when customers don’t pay on time, that ‘aged debt’ is bad news for your finances. Aged debt can begin to stack up, adding to your liabilities and reducing the health of your overall balance sheet – so it’s important to tackle late payment head on. Get effective with your credit control Being proactive with your credit control procedures and debt management helps you speed up payment, reduce your debtor days and rein in your overall debt as a business To improve the efficiency of your credit control: Make your payment terms clear – state

Supercharge Your Business!

Supercharge your business with some simple tips. Eliminate distractions & bad customers, get a plan, use tech, deploy marketing and asking for referrals are just a few ideas. Here are ten ways to make sure that you continue to drive through each business quarter with purpose, vision and the courage to super-charge your business. 1. Eliminate distractions: Time is the scarcest resource and biggest killer for most businesses. Owners get distracted and focus too much time and energy on the wrong things. Be brave - slash standard meeting times, reduce unnecessary admin, delegate and cull. 2. Saying goodbye to bad customers: If possible in your business, get rid of ten time-wasters, bad payers, o

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