Selling Your Business? Plan For It.

When it’s time to sell your business you’ll want the best price for it. And the sooner you plan for sale the better, so that your business is in the very best shape to attract an investor. The more attractive the business looks in the market, the better the price you’ll achieve, or the better the yield you’ll see on selling your company shares. Your business will mean a lot to you, but a buyer will have a more rational and pragmatic viewpoint. Your business is your art. Selling a business is like selling art, the potential buyer needs to see its value. Take some time to get your house in order for a potential buyer, so you can present your business as an opportunity. Invest in adding value –

Cash Is Not Profit And Vice Versa

The purpose of a business is to make money, and that means you have to know the difference between profit and cashflow. Net profit is what you have left after you deduct all your business expenses from all your revenue. You change net profit only by changing the things that affect revenue and expenses. For example, if: You renegotiate with your suppliers, you may get stock cheaper, or carry less inventory. Your staff engage with customers better, you can learn more about what they do and don’t like – and get more business. You can roster staff differently, you may be able to run your business more efficiently. Cashflow comes from various sources. However, it also covers operating expenses, t

The Fundamentals Of A Business Budget

A business budget is one of the essential tools in managing your business finances and actively building your business. A budget shows what you plan to do with your cash over the next year. For a complete picture of your business health, you need to review the profit and loss statement, the balance sheet, the cash flow forecast and the budget. Taken together, these reports allow you to make informed business decisions and monitor performance. WHY HAVE A BUDGET? Forecast sales and expenses according to monthly or quarterly variations. Evaluate performance over time, including changes or patterns. Get really familiar with where your money goes and where it comes from. Clarify targets and goals

Types Of Business Structures & Their Effects

When first thinking about how to start a business, not many people worry about structure. But your business structure can affect how you're treated by the government and by the law. Here are some of the ins and outs. BUSINESS STRUCTURES AND THEIR EFFECTS The main types of business structure around the world are sole trader, partnership, and company. Your choice will affect your admin burden, tax, legal status, and, funding and even your ability to raise capital by selling shares. This table runs through some of the main differences between a company, a partnership, and a sole trader.​ If you don’t choose a structure when starting a business, you will be assumed to be a sole trader. That is h

Mobile Technology Trends For Businesses

More of your customers than ever before are using smartphones and tablets to research a product or service. Your business can't afford to ignore this trend and be left behind. So how do you keep up to date with the latest mobile technology trends? Smartphones And Tablets Are Changing Everything You probably own a portable device, such as a smartphone or a tablet – or perhaps both. Just like billions of people around the world, you use your mobile device every day, looking at products and services online. This represents a great opportunity for your business to generate new sales. It also offers easier ways of managing your day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, many small businesses are missi

How Your Business Can Compete With The Big Brands

Sometimes it can seem like the odds are stacked against small retail businesses. Large retailers have buying power, big budgets and visible main street presence. Here's how you can level the playing field. CHOOSING THE BEST RETAIL STRATEGY Competing with big retailers can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to business. Your competitors already have an established customer base, solid marketing campaigns, good store locations and well-trained staff. How can you compete with all of that? Well, there are two main options when it comes to competing with bigger businesses – you can try to emulate what they do, or you can do things differently. Both choices have their merit, so in this g

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