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Xero Reporting: Drilling down into your numbers

Knowing the status of your finances is a vital part of running your business successfully – and with Xero reporting it's incredibly easy to run key financial reports at any time.

With a wide range of standard and custom report templates, you’ll get a better view of your profit margins, your cash position and how expenses are affecting your bottom line.

Real-time reporting at your fingertips

Cash is king when it comes to business success, so having Xero’s real-time reporting at your fingertips means you can control your cash flow, your aged debt and your profitability.

With Xero’s easy reporting tools you can:

  • Run a Profit And Loss report and see how your business is performing over time

  • Review your Aged Receivables so you can understand who’s not paying invoices

  • Dip into the Cash Summary and get more control over your operating expenses

Talk to us at Mahzan Sulaiman about getting more from Xero Reporting

If you’re want to get in real control of your numbers, we’ll work with you to set up simple, customisable reporting templates – giving you the key financials you need.

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