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SMEs! Got “Cloud”? If Not, Here’s Why You Should.

What exactly is the cloud, again?

Along with terms like Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things), the cloud is a popular buzzword that’s been parroted by everyone, even the most inept in tech.

But tech jargon aside, the concept of cloud computing for SMEs is actually easy enough for anyone to grasp! In simple terms, the cloud is a large data pool where information is stored over the Internet instead of on your physical device.

The answer to “What is cloud computing?” on the other hand, would be usage of the cloud to provide services and store data. Think of Google Drive, where users can access their files from any device provided they have their login credentials.

Help your business strive forward in today’s digital landscape by getting to know how exactly cloud computing can benefit SMEs.

1. The World Becomes Your Office

Take mobility to new heights. Traditionally, you would store information on hard drives or company devices. But by enabling business processes across the cloud, accessibility for you and your employees doesn’t remain limited to specific places or specific devices alone.

Thanks to its remote quality, you and your employees can have real-time access to vital company information 24/7. Yes, even from the comfort of home or while on the go!

Truly workplace mobility at its finest.

2. Globalize Your Workforce

Because you’re not limited by workspace settings, border limitations become nonexistent as well. This means you now have the ability to employ talent from all corners of the earth!

As mentioned in our recent article on outsourcing for small businesses, employing talent from other countries gives you access to a much larger workforce. What this means for you as an SME owner?

1. Ability to hire the best talent possible, regardless of nationality.

2. Opportunity to minimize labour costs.

3. Insight towards business practices in other countries.

4. Increased productivity.

3. Take The Stress Out Of Scalability

Scalability in this context means the capability of your software to meet on-demand changes in the business’s needs. Because let’s face it, spikes are unpredictable.

And frankly? Managing in-house IT infrastructure can get costly. What with expensive hardware, in-house IT technicians (recruitment, training, payroll) and operating costs. It’s no wonder that more and more SMEs are looking towards the cloud for their IT management needs.

Where heavy costs can get involved is when SMEs pay extra just to be safe. To be safe in case business needs fluctuate and you might need more resources. To be safe against sudden unforeseen spikes, where downtime equals to lost revenue.

Good thing it’s 2019, and most cloud software services these days only require you to pay for what you need, as and when you need it. Cloud subscription platforms such as Xero for example, allow you to pay as you go.

4. Long Term Cost Reduction

When making the big leap towards cloud usage, one drawback most SMEs face is the initial upfront costs. But set your sights a little further! You’ll see that the long-term cloud computing benefits for SMEs are more than worth the initial investment.

The key here is to not underestimate the costs involved and to accurately assess your ROI of migrating to the cloud. Accurate calculations and foresight ensures you won’t be forking out even more capital. But instead, freeing it up for critical business activities.

If all this sounds like too much to handle for your business’s current capabilities, there are companies such as Mahzan Sulaiman which can help you with the complicated nitty-gritty stuff.

5. Improved Collaboration, Efficiency & Productivity

Your internal team can make or break your business...but you probably already know this. What you may not know is that cloud-based collaboration has been shown to boost productivity by as much as a whopping 400%!

Having all your information in a single central hub increases ease of collaboration, ensuring that everyone can navigate problems while keeping on the same page. After all, no one wants their team members to be all over the place and working on different wavelengths right?

Just as how your small business is probably already using Google Drive and Microsoft Teams as a vital element in the workspace, other business processes such as accounting can also see significant advancement from utilizing this technology.

"Every company is a software company. You have to start thinking and operating like a digital company."

- Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO -

Unleash your digital transformation

Simply understanding the concept of cloud computing for SMEs isn’t sufficient. What’s really paramount to success is knowing which is the right cloud computing software to use and how to customize it to fit your business’s needs.

We can help you with that! Our tech consultants at Mahzan Sulaiman will help you make informed decisions so that you don’t end up like this. Connect with us here!

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