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The Software Tools Businesses Should (But Aren't!) Making Use Of.

Admit it - you’re still using Google Sheets for everything, or maybe Excel.

Google Drive aside, there are a million and one different business software tools available for business owners out there, and perhaps that’s the problem. An overload of choices results in business owners feeling overwhelmed and eventually opting to just go for the simplest, most familiar option.

Software tools like Hubspot (inbound marketing and sales software), Mailchimp (email marketing service) and Slack(team collaboration tool) require no introduction, and are shadowed by a slew of alternatives providing the same service.

This article however, explores a few small business software tools who stand out from the rest thanks to the unique services they offer. From a tool that emulates what it’s like to look over the shoulder of a customer as they navigate your site, to a lead management system that ensures prospects never go unattended, it’s never been a more convenient time to run a business.

1. SalesCandy for Lead Management

You’ve launched what is possibly the best marketing campaign of the year, and refined your product/services to near perfection. But if you’re still not hitting the numbers, you might want to take a look at your sales team instead. Often, leads go to waste from allowing too much time to lapse between the moment a lead registers interest, and when they actually get contacted.

A homegrown solution to this is SalesCandy, a Malaysian Lead Management System (LMS) which instantly routes leads to a salesperson’s phone. Unattended leads will be automatically rerouted to the next available salesperson after just 45 seconds. And after attending to the customer, salespersons can update the lead status with just three simple clicks.

2. Buzzstream for Digital PR

Building online relationships with media is a time-consuming task, as most in PR and marketing will no doubt tell you. Still, it’s crucial for improving your business’s online presence and reputation.

This is where Buzzstream steps into the picture. The link-building and digital PR tool helps businesses pinpoint relevant websites to connect with, compile them and reach out to them en masse, all the while maintaining that personalized touch!

But it doesn’t stop there. After the initial outreach, Buzzstream guides you throughout the follow-up process via timely reminders and the ability to send follow-up emails in bulk too! So that press release on your most recent launch? There’s really no reason for you to leave it untouched anymore.

3. Ceros for Visual Content Creation

Content, content, content. In a sea of endless resources, how does one stand out? According to New York-based startup Ceros, it’s through visually appealing, interactive content. The out-of-the-box content management system (CMS) provides customizable templates designed specifically to provide your customers with an immersive, engaging experience when browsing through your website. In their own words:

“Don’t create content, create experiences.”

The unique business software aims to help businesses stand out in a sea of stale content. It helps you focus on getting your message across in the most creative way possible, while still leaving the technical stuff in their hands.

4. Xero for Accounting Made Easier.

As a small business, one powerful accounting software platform is all you need. And it has to be user-friendly too, or accountants will only end up going back to using manual-based spreadsheets. Cloud-based accounting software Xero keeps you up to date on your business’s finances from anytime and anywhere in the world.

The multi-currency software gives businesses total control over all their core accounting functions under one roof. With some of the features including automated invoicing, direct bank feeds, cash flow forecasts and even the ability to track your business’s assets!

If you like the sound of having a personal accountant at your business’s beck and call 24/7, you’re bound to find Xero even better than the real thing.

5. Smartlook for Web Analytics

What if you could look at your website through your customer’s eyes? To see what pages attract them most, what they’re interacting with and what turns them away. Smartlook is a unique business software which makes behavior analytics all the more better by putting you in your customer’s shoes, literally.

The small business software tool records, tracks and analyzes every step of a visitor’s journey on your website, and allows you to play it back whenever you wish or even share it with your team. Beware, it might become your new Netflix!

6. When I Work for Employee Scheduling

Manually tracking your employee’s shifts and attendance in this day and age is impractical to say the least. When I Work is a web-based business software (no installation needed!) brought to fruition with the aim to make employee scheduling effortless.

This is particularly helpful for those in service and retail, who tend to rely heavily on part-timers. Matters not how vast the number of staff, all you have to do is drag and drop into the pre-set template, and instantly share the schedule with everyone. Sudden need for replacements are easily facilitated too, because you can send invites for replacements at the click of a button.

Optimize your time for when it really matters

The sea of business software tools available today means businesses can focus on work that really makes a difference, and leave the rest in the hands of automation.

Mahzan Sulaiman helps you assess your business, identify industry-relevant apps just like Xero, and ensure they’re utilized to their fullest potential. Unleash your business, connect with us here!

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